Anonymous asked:

please elaborate on dating menswear bloggers.

superdanger-us answered:

ah, trolling.

a lost art.

my dear anon.

i don’t think i should.

because the last time (see here) i opined it caused a bit of a problem.

because satire and sarcasm aren’t tumblr friendly.

and there is no need to increase the amount of hatemail.  

or is there?

(checks inbox)


there is definitely not a need.

but then again, im a glutton for punishment.

ask my bartender.

they can vouch.

but if you really want to date a guy who is interested in menswear all you have to do is ask him

  • "Ok hot shot, POP QUIZ! Bastian or Mashburn?"

their head(s) will explode with dopamine.

happy hunting,